Our Story

“After working with Origo it became clear that not all BPOs are created equal.

Rodger Smelcer

- Rodger Smelcer,

Vice President & Owner, United Service Technologies

Hi, I’m Rohan Wass. A global entrepreneur from Australia, Co-Founder & CEO at Origo.

At age of 24, I started my first company to do accounting and book keeping for local businesses.

Like every entrepreneur and executive, I was looking to:

Those are three big pieces of the business puzzle that I was determined to solve.

In 2016, I found myself in the Philippines looking for BPOs that could help us with hiring and managing a team of CPAs for my accounting firm.

They offered to solve only one piece of the puzzle: “we can give you cheaper labor.” .

And, while cheaper labor alone does allow for better margins and keeps payroll under control, the lack of business support actually made things worse!

We still had to onboard, manage & upskill the new staff …

Plus document our SOPs, streamline workflows, and implement new technology …

All while trying to run the business and keep customers happy.

In other words, the term BPO — as in Business Process Outsourcing — was a huge overstatement.
They didn’t care to understand our business. They didn’t give us any processes. They just did the labor sourcing and wished us “good luck”.

So, I quickly realized that the real value of a BPO was not just around sourcing talent...

Anyone can head over to freelancing sites to find talent. It’s not that hard these days anymore.

The real value is in ...

Unlocking operational improvements in a business beyond just reducing payroll

Constantly training and upskilling team members to produce their best work

Monitoring performance & managing team members to consistently deliver on KPIs

Eventually, we got really good at it for our own business.

So in 2017, together with my partner, Scott McGrath, we established Origo to a select few clients, and the rest is history.

Today, we’re fortunate to be working with some of the fastest growing Mid-Market Companies who have already discovered the new gold standard in building remote teams that can increase profits, reduce churn & free up executives to focus on growth.

In short, traditional BPOs will let you keep all of your operational & service issues, just make them a little cheaper.

At Origo, we fix your operations and build you a remote team to help you scale faster and enjoy bigger profits margins.

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Our Core Purpose

Unlock Human Potential

We operate under the belief that humans have infinite potential. But the sad part is very few people realise it before their time is over.

We are on a mission to help our team members, our clients and partners, our shareholders and everyone else we interact with unlock their own potential through our work.

Our Core Values

Our Capital Is Our People

While Silicon Valley companies pride themselves with cutting edge technology, we pride ourselves with attracting & developing A Players. Without our team members, there wouldn’t be Origo. That’s why our #1 asset is people. They’re our biggest (and most important) capital. People join Origo to grow their ability and reach new levels in their career. It’s a safe place to make mistakes, learn and evolve.

Customer Obsession

Our customers' success is our obsession. We aim to understand our customers' business, needs, challenges and goals better than they do. So much so we tie our compensation to the level of success we bring our clients. We strive to add value before money even exchanges hands.

1% Better Every Day

Just like a tree, if we don’t grow we die. We aim to continuously improve everyday across everything we do. One small improvement every day. We seek excellence in our execution, challenge the status quo and proactively work towards achieving our goals.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

By 2030, we’ll have 30,000 team members placed, earning 20%+ above market wage, and while maintaining 20%+ profit margins.

The Team That’s Making It Happen

Rohan Wass

Founder &
Chief Operations Officer

Yassin Shaar

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Burns

Chief Financial Officer

Cristopher Sabal

VP of Shared Services

Noel Stanly

Director of Operations

Janis Krisna Samson

Head of Business Transformation

Pooja Verma

Head of Training, Quality
& Project Management

Emmanuel Lavarias

Facilities Manager

Juan Paulo Ahorro

Senior HR Manager

Mitch Galutera

Global Director of
Client Success

Christian Jason Pamintuan

Senior IT Manager

Jonie Tinte

Director of Financial
Planning & Analysis

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