Scale Up Faster, Cut Down Your Overhead and Improve Your
Service Levels

All While Freeing Up Your Local Staff to Focus on Growth and Servicing Your Customers

The middle market segment Has Changed For Good

Relying on hiring technicians alone is not enough anymore to compete. Owners and executives are faced with a choice: Either embrace scaling with remote teams or risk losing market share.

The Great Resignation

Employee turnover is at an all-time high and good talent is getting tougher to come by.

Market Consolidation

Equity-backed corporations are gobbling up smaller companies, dominating territories and it's more competitive than ever.

Demanding Local Workforce

Hard to find local staff are demanding higher wages and more engaging jobs which squeezes profit margins and makes it harder to retain them.

Executives Are Time-Poor

With ever-increasing business demands, executives are struggling to focus on growth, while scaling their back office operations and infrastructure.

The answer to these challenges lies in building a remote team to handle your back office and support functions at a lower overhead cost, fix your operational issues and free up your local team to work on higher value tasks

Leading middle market companies rely on origo to handle their operations

We Do ALL The Work So You Can Focus On Growing Your Market Share

From building your Value Creation Plan, to fixing operational issues, recruitment, training, workstation setup, and reporting, we provide all the services to support your dedicated remote team members.


Beyond Just Cost Savings

Lowering overhead costs is often a key driver for business owners and executives when considering building an offshore team.

While lowering costs is definitely one of the key benefits, it's certainly not the only one.

Among the other benefits of building an offshore team at Origo are:

And MUCH more.

Here Are Some Of The Roles We Can Hire For:

Customer Service

Provide your customers with 24/7 support and have phones answered LIVE around the clock. No more technicians taking service calls after hours!


Eliminate backlog of uninvoiced completed jobs, have all invoices sent out in real-time, and bring forward cash flow.


Collect on unpaid invoices without using 3rd party agencies, write off less "bad debt" and keep more client accounts in good standing.

Portal Administrators

Offload data entry tasks, have portals updated in near real-time, and keep all Work Order Management Softwares in-sync at all times.

Technician Support

Free up your technicians’ time from admin work to complete more jobs and increase first-time fix with a technician support team.


Pay bills on time, reconcile your books, and generate reports on demand with skilled accounting professionals.


Schedule the right technician for the right job on time, every time.

Inside Sales

Get new clients, expand revenue from existing accounts, and make sure clients don’t drop off and keep ordering.

Asset Management

Turn messy asset data into actionable insights to deliver a
5-star service and keep track of repair history.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: With the proper documentation, training, and onboarding, basically any back office task can be done by your remote team. If there is no documentation and training, we can help you develop it.

If it’s your first time working with a remote team, we’d recommend to begin with high volume, and low impact tasks (like portal administration). Pick a set of tasks that would either deliver a better customer experience, or a better employee experience.

Anything that falls within the roles described above can be handled by your remote team. For example: taking inbound calls, processing portal requests, sending estimates, broadcasting work order updates, sending invoices, parts research and ordering, appointment setting, process documentation, account receivables and payables, etc. and more!

Once a culture of documentation and systematization is in place, the sky’s the limit.

A: We become an extension of your operations. That’s why we assign you a Client Success Manager to help you in running your remote team and provide all the support in order to get maximum productivity out of your team members.

We work closely with your local team managers to ensure that work is getting done on time, there are clear lines of communication at all times, and any roadblocks are addressed immediately.

A: While there are some overlaps with call centers, Origo is MUCH more than that.

We don’t just pick up the phones and take down notes, we run the entire customer support and dispatch workflow for you (all the way from answering the phone to scheduling the site visit and creating the work order).

Furthermore, a call center charges you per minute. The longer they stay on the phones, the more they get paid—and their agents work across many clients. That’s not how we operate.

Our staff are dedicated to you (they wear your shirt) and we’re focused on achieving operational excellence to reduce your overhead, increase your margins, and enhance customer experience.

A: We found that the best strategy is to combine BOTH.

Hire locally for critical and core roles, and hire remotely for back-office functions.

And because of hiring remotely, you’ll enjoy bigger margins that allow you to hire MORE local talent.

Plus, tapping into a global talent pool increases the chances of finding A-players instead of limiting your options to the local talent pool.

A: One of the things our clients and partners love about working with Origo is that we free up their local staff from repetitive and mundane tasks so they can focus on higher value jobs.

People sometimes have misconceptions that hiring overseas puts their job at risk, which is not the case.

Our recommendation is to start with use cases that improve your local staff’s workflow to get their initial buy-in.

After that, it doesn’t take long for them to realize that their life actually becomes easier when working with Origo. Soon enough, they’ll be telling everyone around the office about their positive experience.

That’s why it is very common for clients to quickly expand their remote teams, going from apprehension to “How can we get more of it?”

Transparent communication is critical at all times. Your local team should not be left in the dark about the decision of adding a remote team.

We’re also happy to do webinars and provide support material to introduce remote teams to your company.

A: We believe that Mid-Market Companies should focus on their core competencies—hiring and training technicians, getting new clients, and innovation. Everything else is a supporting function and is almost a distraction to the leadership team.

Maybe, a better question to ask would be: “Is it right for me and my team to spend all the time building and scaling our back office infrastructure instead of focusing on growth?”

For Middle Market Leaders who want to focus on growth and scale faster, partnering with Origo is a no-brainer.

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