Profit Fix #2: Technicians burnt out taking after-hours calls?

Answering service calls 24/7 leads to more revenue for your company.

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Somewhere in Texas, between Austin and Georgetown, there’s a grocery store with an oven that’s not heating properly. The manager, Monica, made a service call to ABC Food Equipment Service (made-up name), except that it was at 10:32 p.m. and there was no one answering her phone calls.

There goes another missed $1,300 work order.

So she had to look elsewhere and ended up calling their competitor, 24/7 Food Equipment Service. What’s different about them?

Well, they take service calls LIVE and around the clock without asking their staff to keep their lines open after hours. And by doing so, they scoop up ALL the after-hour work orders that others don’t bother to take. This translates to getting more work orders while keeping their techs and staff sane.

But it gets better.

Picking up service calls 24/7 makes their clients happier and more loyal. These customers spread the word in conventions... And dispute fewer invoices.

The result?

Profit Leak No.2—Unattended After-Hours Service Requests—is plugged shut. And with it, hundreds of thousands of dollars show up in their bank every month.

Now, some mid-market companies try to plug this leak with an answering machine… But then, their clients feel less valued, calls pile up, and there’s chaos every morning processing all the overdue requests.

Others ask their techs to keep their lines open and take calls after hours while they’re home.

But what if technicians hate this? Being interrupted during their “Netflix and chill” time burn these good techs out. It creates tension with their spouses and kids. Soon, there’s a revolving door of techs coming in and going out of the business.

After all, they are in high demand and can go out and get a job almost anywhere else.

So the question then is, how does one turn this profit leak into a
competitive advantage?

You can hear it from one of our client partners and industry pioneer
Rodger Smelcer.

As you can see, around-the-clock processing of service requests is possible thanks to a specialized offshore team working two shifts to cover all four time zones in the U.S. And you don’t need to hire anyone—for a job they don’t want to do, anyway—and add them to payroll, onboard them, etc.

You can have an offshore team already trained and ready to roll in a matter of weeks. Once you embrace this global vision, you too can scale faster AND serve your clients better. Like how it happened for Rodger and United Service Technologies.

This kind of strategic thinking can turn normal mid-market companies into industry leaders.

And it's one of the paradigm shifts that we’re excited to bring to the industry to set a new gold standard.

Because it’s not just the offshore headcount at a lower pay rate that makes the difference.

It's how we can help you integrate this offshore team strategically in your operation so that it becomes your competitive advantage as well.

After processing around ONE MILLION work orders over the last three years, we have enough DATA to be able to quickly assess where businesses have profit leaks.

We’d like to offer you a free run through our “Profit Score Quiz.” The last time we ran this quiz with a company executive, we uncovered six figures in profit leaks. Per month!

Take the Profit Score Quiz here

And we’re not guessing here. Again, it’s based on over a million data points. So, we could be asking for a decent fee just to let executives take this “quiz” but you can take it for free.

Just comment below or send us a message if you’re open to it, and we’ll make it happen 🙂

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Chief Growth Officer





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Accelerate Your Revenue Growth
While Reducing Overhead!

Join our Profit Boost Newsletter to get actionable tactics, tips, and insights
based on a million data points straight to your inbox.



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