Marjorie Jimenez

Company Nurse, HR Specialist and Admin

Before joining the BPO industry, Marjorie had started her career in Healthcare wherein she was able to serve multi-national companies while gaining knowledge and expertise in the fields of Healthcare, Education, Human Resources and Operations for the past 15 years.

As a Head Nurse from her previous company, she has managed and supervised medically-licensed and non-licensed staff and has coordinated with different departments and personnel while achieving and maintaining safe and comfortable conditions for patients, staff and visitors. Also, she had been a clinical instructor, counsellor and facilitator as well with a diverse background in teaching and training in various disciplines of Nursing.

Currently, Marjorie fulfills the role of a Human Resource Specialist. She oversees Workforce Planning and Employment, HR Development, Rewards and Recognition, Employee Relations and assists in creating, implementing, and evaluating all human resource department policies, procedures, and structures.

Aside from being a HR Specialist, she acts as the company’s Safety Officer for two years now. She has planned, recommended, implemented and evaluated medical service programs for Origo employees. Her tasks also include helping them to attain and maintain an optimum level of holistic well-being, ensuring that they have a safe and healthy work environment, Risk Management and providing health teachings to broaden their knowledge on health matters and health-related issues.

As an advocate of compassion and in making a difference in other people’s lives, she engages and supports charitable work, missions and causes that allow to see life from other people’s perspective (their struggles, hardships, their triumphs and strengths).

When she’s free, Marjorie spends her time with her family and friends, watching movies, reading, cooking, checking out news on innovation and new gadgets, or travelling.

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